Our Mission

We’re human beings. We work our 9-5 jobs, yearning only for those moments that we can appreciated those few moments of freedom every weekend. In that existence, we recognize that we are complex and thoughtful with little tolerance for moments of wasted energy or boring topics. I always thought that even though I do value the high-art thinkers who breed our culture’s beautiful and sincere visions of style and design, they are not us. 

We are the plumbers, the construction workers, cleaners and electricians – we are the real complex humans, and not the cultural monoliths. Working laborious and difficult jobs, quick with a joke – insightful and sociable. We are more than the thinking world. However, take note, this is not about anti-intellectualism or disliking fringe culture or aesthetics. Though we cite our differences, we do not connote hatred.

Simply put, we accept that we are something different.