...we move because we must!

Photos by Salim Hasbini

It’s strange that in almost every city I have been to, there are kindred spirits everywhere. Patterns do form in this millennial global class. They all listen to more or less the same music, have a similar global and open-minded disposition. Culturally, they feel connected to their home - but more closely to each other.


While dual identities are quite common, this is something much more. We all wear different hats at many moments of our lives. Especially on matters of cultural identity - we can simultaneously be a man, white, Christian, a writer, etc…

..involuntary migration – the bitter fruit of concentrating decent jobs in small areas. People do not move to London for the theatre scene or to Britain for the climate; they move because they must!
— Yanis Varoufakis

These labels all mean something - and have specific associations with them depending on the group you are around. Just the same way, multiple identity individuals (via culture) can adapt new roles. Many have told me something about “third culture kids” - a child of an immigrant growing up in a culture different than his/her parents, effectively creating a separate identity. Though, this does not feel the same for many.


Even this third culture takes on many forms. Each subculture has a unique identity - even from different neighborhoods. But, what is more interesting is the growing world that unites us all. Our enclaves are gentrified neighborhoods and working class areas newly brought back to life, while others are destroyed - neither because we want them, nor can we actually afford them. We move to the cities, passport in my our common language and culture, and of course, we move there because we must.

We must move because of opportunity - both social and financial. To be part of the world we were indoctrinated into, the world of the global millennial, whose city is the world and home is none.